Royal High

Royal High uses sought-after lineages and the best flower, handpicked for quality and potency to produce small, exclusive batches. Extra care goes into this production to give a richer, finer taste and feel. Smaller batches also mean limited supply, so register today to get yours.

Indica Blend

We’ve reinvented our production process for a richer yield. We use high quality bud and then use a special milling process to give you a pure, ready for use, quality product. By skipping the typical grinding process, we’ve also ensured no THC goes to waste.

Licensed for quality
Fully licensed by Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), we follow strict procedures to ensure our product is both high in quality and purity.
Seeds for success
We produce the finest quality cannabis, originating from high quality seeds imported from around the world.
Wider selection of strains
More strains, more gains. With a large, sustainable genetic library onsite, we offer 31 different cannabis strains under cultivation.
Customized customer experience
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you learn more about our products and are dedicated to making sure you find a solution that matches your needs.
Grown how nature intended
By using bio-controlled growing methods, all of our plants are grown sustainably and naturally without the use of any pesticides.
Consistency & Purity
We select the highest quality phenotypes to ensure our plants are grown with consistency and purity.